Manning Family Day Home

What is a Family Day Home?


  • Children are cared for in a home other than their own.

  • Quality care is ensured through administration of homes by a government approved agency.

  • Agency matches, places children and provides ongoing supervision.

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Role of the Agency

  • To approve and monitor homes

  • To match and place children in homes

  • To promote positive childcare and provide a safe environment

  • To help regulate child care standards


Cost of Care per child

Cost of care is based on an hourly or daily rate.

  $ 8.00 per hour - $ 35.00 per day for 8 hrs

$10.00/month Family Administration Fee

Late Fees

Children must be picked up at the arranged time.  In case of emergency, it is the parent responsibility to call the Provider and inform them of the situation.  If the parent fails to call, they will be charged $5 for every 15 minutes of portion thereof after the arranged pick up time.



Working parents may qualify for Government Subsidy if your household income is less than $75,000. Please inquire by following the quick link below or go to:

Benefits for Parents and Children

  • Homes are monitored to ensure consistent level of care.

  • Back up care is available.

  • Hassle free child care placement.

  • Flexibility of care reflects the needs of the family with daily routines and age appropriate activities

  • Healthy meals and snacks in a caring home environment

  • Year end income tax receipt is issue.

  • Numbers of children are limited to six in the home at any given time, this includes the Provider's children with no more than two children  under the age of two or three under the age of three, with the remainder being older.

Benefits for Providers

  • Preorganized back up care.

  • An assured income.

  • Opportunities to participate in staff meetings and workshops.

  • Planned Provider Appreciation Event.

  • Placement of children is done through the agency.

  • Collection of fees is done by the Agency and payment to the Provider is guaranteed.


We look forward to working with parents to offer a safe, healthy environment for your children.  In order to do this, parent cooperation is essential in the following areas:

  • An application form must be completed which includes emergency contact numbers and permission to seek medical help if required.

  • Sign in and sign out of children is required

  • Notify Provider of all allergies, both food and medical.

  • Dress your child for outdoor play, as this is an important part of your child's day.

  • Share Information about your child that will help the Provider to understand them better.

  • Please bring any questions or concerns to the Provider's attention so they can be dealt with immediately.   


Subsidy Information